Anionic Surfactants

Sulfated Alkanolamide Ethoxylates

Sulfated Alkanolamide Ethoxylates

General Name

Sulfated alkanolamide ethoxylates

Sulfated ethoxylated alkanolamides

Sulfated polyoxyethylene amides


Sodium salt of coco monoethanolamide + 2EO sulfate


These products are prepared by sulphation of the ethoxylated monoalkanolamides. Complete sulphation gives very high viscosity products, so sulphation is only carried out to approx. 50-70% of the theoretical value. Products described as sulfated alkanolamide sulfates are therefore mixtures of sulfated ethoxylated alkanolamides and ethoxylated alkanolamides. Sulphation is normally carried out as if the starting materials were ethoxylated alcohols.

General properties


Very soluble in water.

Chemical properties

Similar chemical stability to the ether sulphates (see Section 6.5.2).


The products are excellent detergents, particularly for dishwashing but are too costly and therefore not used. The only known application is in shampoos, and this is now probably being replaced by betaines.


Anionic content typically 15-20%
Unsulphated content typically 10-15%
Viscosity generally high and can be variable

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